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Glenn Halimas_Charming_Lateef_1 Halimas_Charming_Lateef_2 martha Zippet mupstepmon mupp2 Ruben Zena ZOE Bettle_life_is_good Ringo_lynch Dexter_logan oscar_pallich Abbey_stevenson Rosie_Pallich sam_johnson Molly_johnson DJ_Chuck Ellie Geordie Milo Ringo_and_Georgie Sox Ziggy


Halimas Charming Lateef 1 (aka lathief)

Halimas Charming Lateef 2

The very recalcitrant Martha.

Zippet the Whippet!

Oscar the worrier!

Oscar (aka Mupp) the recliner


Zena - Warrior staffie princess

Half dog - half giraffe.  Meet Zoe!

The most chilled hound around - it's Beetle!

He may be low to the ground but isn't short on cuteness - Meet Ringo!

The puppy that makes a blade of grass look big - it's Dexter!

The 11 year old that doesn't look a day over 8 weeks - it's Oscar!

The 14 week old that knows cuteness back to front - it's Abby!

The grand Matriarch of the contest Rosie - showing those youngsters how it's done!

The coolest collie this side of the border it's Sam!

This shiny little 85 year old (in dog years) is just having a kip on her teddy. Meet Molly!

DJ Chuck

Ellie the hypo-allergenic hound!

Geordie - He's blonde, shaggy and loves low tide!

More chocolate than Cadbury and more aussie than Alf Stewart - It's Milo!

There's no bone of contention between these two.. Meet Ringo's partner in crime -Georgie!

His feet never get dirty - It's Sox!

The dog that doubles as a canvas. Our artist in residence... Ziggy!