Win a basket of skincare products valued at $200

How To Enter

1. Submit a script to CC Pharmacy using eRx Express

2. Collect or have your script delivered on campus.

3. Enter as many times as you like!


Winner is drawn out of eligible entries and anounced 30 June 2015.

The Prize

The prize is pictured below.  It is a basket of skincare products with a retail value of $200 including brands such as:

  • Dr Lewinn's
  • Reef
  • Hamilton
  • Dermaveen
  • Metsal





Terms and Conditions

  • Promotion finishes 30/6/15 12pm
  • Winner will be drawn from prescriptions submitted and collected or delivered on campus
  • Winner will be posted on this website and on our facebook page
  • If the winner dose not respond within 2 weeks then the runner up will be declared the winner
Glenn Halimas_Charming_Lateef_1 Halimas_Charming_Lateef_2 martha Zippet mupstepmon mupp2 Ruben Zena ZOE Bettle_life_is_good Ringo_lynch Dexter_logan oscar_pallich Abbey_stevenson Rosie_Pallich sam_johnson Molly_johnson DJ_Chuck Ellie Geordie Milo Ringo_and_Georgie Sox Ziggy


Halimas Charming Lateef 1 (aka lathief)

Halimas Charming Lateef 2

The very recalcitrant Martha.

Zippet the Whippet!

Oscar the worrier!

Oscar (aka Mupp) the recliner


Zena - Warrior staffie princess

Half dog - half giraffe.  Meet Zoe!

The most chilled hound around - it's Beetle!

He may be low to the ground but isn't short on cuteness - Meet Ringo!

The puppy that makes a blade of grass look big - it's Dexter!

The 11 year old that doesn't look a day over 8 weeks - it's Oscar!

The 14 week old that knows cuteness back to front - it's Abby!

The grand Matriarch of the contest Rosie - showing those youngsters how it's done!

The coolest collie this side of the border it's Sam!

This shiny little 85 year old (in dog years) is just having a kip on her teddy. Meet Molly!

DJ Chuck

Ellie the hypo-allergenic hound!

Geordie - He's blonde, shaggy and loves low tide!

More chocolate than Cadbury and more aussie than Alf Stewart - It's Milo!

There's no bone of contention between these two.. Meet Ringo's partner in crime -Georgie!

His feet never get dirty - It's Sox!

The dog that doubles as a canvas. Our artist in residence... Ziggy!