Callaghan Campus Pharmacy is very close to AVEO but if you can't get there a drop-off prescription box is located in the reception area. 

It is retrieved daily and, for emergencies, on demand.

Prescriptions can be delivered to you door or to the reception desk (for you to pick-up).

We won't leave medicines on your premises (e.g. against the front door) if nobody is there to receive them.

However, you can always ring us to make special arrangements.


Step Action
1 Place your script(s) into the box
2 We retrieve scripts once daily. Let us know if you need something urgently via SMS on SMS 0488824317

Pay using cash or card (we have mobile EFTPOS) on delivery

  • Consider leaving your scripts with us to receive automatic reminders when they need to be refilled
  • We also make up and deliver Webster packs
4 Call us on 0249688070 if you have any special needs you would like to chat about.
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