Appointments and walk-ins are available for flu and booster shots along with piercings and medical certificates. We have an online booking system available from the 'About' menu. It's titled 'Book in-Pharmacy services'.


Step Action
1 From the Home page select the 'About' menu
2 Mobile phones often have a 'Hamburger' menu which is represented by 3 horizontal lines
3 From the 'About' menu select the 'Book in-Pharmacy Services' sub-menu

Basic personal contact details

You must enter your 'Name', 'Phone number' and an 'Email' address to proceed


Service Categories

Select a service 'Category' from the drop down list which includes;



Choose a specific service (e.g. 'Ear lobe piercing') from the 'Select Service' menu.


Time Slots and 'Grid start date'

A list of available appointment slots appear starting from tomorrow.

Walk in to the shop to book a same day appointment.

Click on one of the green slots to book immediately or change the date range by;

  • Clicking on the calendar icon next to the 'Grid start date' heading
  • Clicking on a new future date in the pop-up calendar
  • Selecting a specific appointment time (shown as green 'tick' symbols)



Finalising the process

A submit button will appear. Click on it to finalise your appointment. A confirmation email will be issued.

Contact us using the 0249688070 or call into the shop to make further inquiries, change or cancel the appointment.

Our email address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.